When is the best time to bet on a streaks? That’s easy, when the streak begins! Easy to say, that is.

We’ve all been there. The Roulette stats show Red has occurred 58% of the time. Bet big on Red.

The next spin is Black. Or, the Craps graph shows the 7 is dominating. Bet large on 7 at 4:1. The next roll is anything but the 7.

Bottom line, there is no way to predict what the next number, or roll, or card dealt is going to be. If there was, I wouldn’t be writing this article. I would be on my yacht living large in some exotic part of the world; however, there is a way you can use. statistics to your advantage.

Statistics can be used to spot trends, and where there’s a trend, there’s a streaks. By having a strategy you can be at the beginning of a streaks, ride it out and walk away with some money. In the next two articdes I am going to provide some suggestions to help you develop a strategy you can use when playing your favorite e-Table game.


My first strategy rule is to establish a cash management methodology. This involves setting the size of my bankroll, the amount that I am willing to lose; and my buy-in amount per session, the cash I initially enter into the machine. My bankroll is three times my buy-in amount.

For example, if my bank roll is $150 then my buy-in amount is $50. A session begins whenI put the cash in and ends when I cash out or lose the $50.

I use the following mantra when setting my bet amournt: Do not bet high, on your own supply. What does that mean? I do not bet the max until I have won several bets in a row.

The quickest way to lose your bankroll is to bet $35 on Red, or the 7, in hopes that you1l win.

My minimum bet for e-Roulette is $1.50, for e-Craps $2 on the come-out roll or $4 when a point is established.

My strategy is to bet on the winning number and its neighbors immediately to the numbers right and left; adding S.75 to the total bet. I now have eight bets at $2. If a different street wins, my win amount is still $3, but my profit is only $1. If I win again and add the extra bets, my winnings will only be $.25 This is not sustainable’ strategy; however, I can make a minor modification, which changes everything.

My second rule is to know the game I am about to bet on. I have heard many people bet on the Double-Zero because they think it’s going to pay more than any other number. Wrong! All numbers pay 35:1 induding the Green ones. Or they bet on Any Craps thinking they will win when a 7 or 11 is rolled. Wrong again. The Craps numbers are 2, 3 or 12. Know the game. In the next article I will discuss betting strategies andI will let you in on a Craps betting secret.

My final rule is to never bet more than I can win. For example, in Roulette a Street bet covers three numbers in a column. The payout is $3 or 2.75:1. I bet six streets at a quarter per street for a total of $1.50. If one of my street bets wins I’ve doubled my bet.

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