Advantage of good odds

Advantage of good odds: Arizona casinos offer a very good game of Blackjack with generous player options.

Advantage of good odds

Unlike static games such as Keno that have the same house advantage every game, the odds of Blackjack change based on the cards removed from play each hand.

That’s the beauty of advantage of good odds.

Card counting is dependent on using a point-system assigned to each card to ascertain when the mathematical edge improves to where the player has the edge over the house.

When the player has the edge, they bet more money per hand or increase to multiple hands. Pretty simple.

Unfortunately, learning to count cards is a big task.

Just learning Basic Strategy is a stretch for many players, and most of us just want to have fun.

Still, wouldn’t it make sense to learn just a little bit more if you could increase your odds of winning?

To start with keep in mind that the first hand of a new shoe has excellent player odds, better than 75% of the hands you’ll see later.

So, don’t be afraid to bet more on the first hand.

And, you don’t have to spend hours to learn a new system of play to improve your odds.

Just remember that extra aces in the deck mean more chances to get a Blackjack and be paid 3 to 2 on your wager. That’s the good stuff.

Advantage of good odds At Blackjack

Many players dislike continuous shufflers because they think! the dealer makes more good hands.

That’s an illusion, fueled by the fact that on a standard shoe game there will be times when the remaining cards are mostly 10’s and the dealer will bust many times, which is great.

Of course, logic demands that the opposite must also happen when the dealer makes lots of hands because there are many small cards remaining.

Those streaks are, less noticeable on a continuous shuffle machine, where by definition the cards are constantly shuffled and available to be drawn at any time.

And, the house edge on a continuous shuffler is about 0.2% smaller than on a standard game with cards coming out of a shoe.

That being said, if a dealer forgets to add the cards from the last hand to the machine or you are playing on a continuous shuffler like the lifemax by Shuffle Master that sorts used cards into small batches, the cards just used won’t be dealt into the next hand.

Think that might make a difference?

Since you’ll get a 3-to-2 payoff for a Blackjack.

It’s very advantageous for you if there are many aces left in a deck of cards. And, if you are playing on a continuous shuffler and the last group of hands held no aces, that’s an advantage of good odds for you.

For instance, if during the last hand there were 26 cards used.

On average they would contain two aces. But what if no aces were showing?

Then the cards remaining in the shuffler would be ace-rich.

There is no way to know what you will get on the next hand, but we do know that you’ll get paid 3-to-2 for a Blackjack while the dealer can only get even money from you if they get a Blackjack.

Your odds are better, so bet a little more and enjoy!