TITA (Tickets at Table Games) COUNTR

• BOOTH 4500

CountR’s innovative TITA (Tickets at Table Games) product takes the ticket revolution to the table.

Games in the same way ticketin/ticket out (TITO) changed slot play from coins and tokens to tickets some 15 years ago.

CountR’s TITA is an easy-to-install ticket redemption device for table games.

It allows a player to exchange a ticket for chips right at the table.

TITA can also issue a ticket when a player wants to color up and leave the table.

The extreme ease of use of this product results in a significant increase in profit for the casino.

This is accomplished by reducing chip fills, increasing slot cross-play, and improving soft-count operations and revenue audit reconciliation.

This in turn allows cage personnel to provide services to the casino that result in increased profits.

With the optional multi-note acceptance bill/ticket drop box, an even greater increase in benefits for both the casino and the player can be achieved.

There are several models available to meet the needs of the casino’s volume.

This results in a reliable note/ticket reading and alerts the casino when a suspect bank note is detected.

At the same time, and with only a few mouse clicks, casino management

Has the ability of to view the win/loss of a table or even the entire table game area at any time.

At G2E 2017, for the first time ever, CountR will showcase a TITA feature called QuasiCash.

QuasiCash enables a player to buy chips to play directly at the table by using their debit or credit cards in a cash advance transaction.

The newest release is heavy with solutions to user requests. Some of these updates include improvements to sightline analysis in the 3-D map, an expansion of 3-D models available for placement on the gaming floor, automated delivery of reports and alerts, and improvements to the printing and plotting features.

As with other versions of GlobalSuite, CDI remains committed to simplifying installations and upgrades.

Upgrades take the simplicity further with a one-click update, similar to how the OS on a cellphone updates.

These processes are in line with CDI’s commitment to GlobalSuite’s ease of use

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