A Caregiving Necessity

Caregiving is a challenging job, and all caregivers need a break. Respite is the term used when someone else helps care for a loved one temporarily.

Respite may last a few hours, a couple of days or even longer

The amount of respite depends on the family’s needs and resources.

Respite can take place in the family home, the home of a friend or relative, an adult day center, assisted living, memory care center or nursing facility.

Can be used for many things such as visiting family or friends, running errands, tending to healthcare needs, going to a movie,

enjoying a hobby or even taking a vacation.

Respite care is not a luxury.

It is a necessity for both the caregiver and their loved one.

“The more you are a caregiver,” says Donna Schempp, LCSW and program director for the Family Caregiver Alliance, “the more isolated you get and the more your world narrows.

Respite helps because it distracts you from what you are doing every day.

It gives you time to take a deep breath and think of other things.”

The benefits of respite are many and include reducing stress on the family and improving caregiving.

The benefits of respite are greater if started early in the caregiving journey.

Respite can help the caregiver by allowing him/her some muchneeded rest and relaxation.

The care recipient benefits from new activities and relationships with other people.

“Taking respite is something you do for the care receiver so you can be a better caregiver,” Schempp said.

“It also helps the person being cared for.

Having someone else come in and care for a person can be a breath of fresh air for the care recipient and bring a new perspective.”

Respite is available in many different forms.

In Oklahoma, one of the easiest and most affordable options is adult day health services.

Facilities such as residential care homes and assisted living facilities may provide for an extended period of time.

There are usually length-of-stay requirements for this type of, and each facility has its own policies.

Often other family members can help by taking over caregiving duties for a period of time. Home health agencies are also available to provide.

How does a caregiver pay ?

In Oklahoma, providers may accept some or all of the following pay options: private pay, Veteran’s Administration vouchers or long-term care insurance.

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