What was the organisation’s purpose?

The Knights Templar were a Catholic Military.

Organisation set up a while after the Catholics took control of the Holy City of Jerusalem in 1099.

Robbed, and murdered by Muslims who lived in nearby areas.

The Catholics took Jerusalem from the Muslims as a result of the Crusade.

Time due to their training regimes and ability.

“The Business Side” of Things

The Knights Templar came to be a very rich organisation after a few years of operation.

They came to own many bases and castles over Europe,

In places like Idanha in Portugal, Kolossi in Cyprus, and Balsall in the West Midlands.

One may ask exactly how the group,

that started with just 9 members,

Had changed into an international organisation that was only bested,

In terms of wealth, by the Church itself.

In the beginning, the organisation started to trade with Christians and Muslims alike, renting out their ships, and even acting as exchange brokers.

They began to produce small business like farms, wineries and even started to transport goods and money for people of power.

A quote from states

“[a]s a religious institution with military might, the Templars were seen as the perfect answer to act as guardians of travellers and their valuables.”

One of their most secret operations that brought in wealth,

However, was their “treasure hunting”, or their search for religious relics.

They searched intensely all across the Holy Lands in search of religious artefacts,

With their main item of interest being the heavily searched for Holy Grail.

They not only killed Muslims to gain possession of these relics,

But Christians as well, and even dug far beneath their own headquarters in Jerusalem in order to find anything they could.

Overall, the Templars can be seen as the first true.

Capitalists due to their mass owning of land.

They also can be viewed to have created international banking and cheques for people of wealth.

Who wanted to store their money with the Templars – making their money safe and protected.

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