Slot Revenue Flat

According to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, slot machine revenue in 2016 was $2.36 billion,

about $5 million less than the year before.

Table game revenue increased $41 million year-over-year to $853.2 million.

Taxed revenue for 2016 was $1.4 billion, gaming regulators say. Sturla expects to introduce his bill soon.

He admits it wouldn’t completely solve the budget shortfall, but it could go a long way to helping lawmakers reach a deal.

But, VGTs do have the power to generate millions of dollars in revenue.

Pennsylvania’s casino industry has fought all proposals to expand slotstyle gaming into bars and restaurants.

The state passed a casino law in 2004, and the first casino opened in 2006.

Today, six land-based casinos and six racinos operate in the state, ac cording to state gaming records.

Eric Schippers, vice president of public affairs, says Penn National Gaming looks at the budget situation in terms of “defending our existing investment.

Slot Revenue Flat and the 2,300 jobs that we have at our Hollywood casino,

as well as look at it opportunistically to see whether we can get gaming out of this.

Frankly, there has been a lot of discussion around VGTs,

so we’ve been working potential models that would work for us—protect our investment and allow some upside.”

Sturla expects opposition from the state’s casino operators,

who have compared VGTs to a convenience-gaming market that would erode their business and the tax revenues they pay.

Slot Revenue Flat “We are limiting it to establishments with alcohol,” Sturla says.

“There are still dry counties with no liquor or gambling in Pennsylvania. Nobody can complain that I’m cannibalizing their business.” Frank Fantini, CEO of Fantini Research, disagrees slightly.

“Cannibalization would have to be a concern if there are 30,000 to 40,000 machines,” Fantini says.

“However, in many cases the VGTs would be replacing gray machines, so the case for cannibalization would not be as clear.

“In addition, casinos offer a whole different experience and attraction than a social club, veterans hall or neighborhood bar,” Fantini says.

Sturla says the exact provisions are still being worked out, but he expects an initial.

fee to obtain a license and a division of the tax revenue among the state, municipality, hosting venue and the VGT or distributed gaming company.

The products include Android- and Apple-compatible applications for sports wagering and real-money mobile casino gaming,

As well as CG Technology’s state-of-theart account-based sports wagering system.

New Products, Technologies or Services CG Technology has consistently been a leader in sports wagering.

CGT’s In-Running product was significantly enhanced in 2016, launched at the beginning of the fall football season,

And now offers lines on select games, play-by-play, to users of the CG Sports mobile apps.

In-Running wagering gives sports fans the ability to place bets while the game is in progress on up to 400 games each month.

Total points, point spreads,

Sides and money lines are just a few examples of the types of wagers which can be placed during the games, via CG Technology’s sports betting application.

For sports fans, In-Running offers additional wagering options and provides for non-stop action.

The sports betting app is only available within the state of Nevada;

the company utilizes leading-edge geo-fencing technology to ensure that customers are located within Nevada,

And that mobile wagering transactions are fast and secure.

In April 2017, CG Technology will launch the latest upgrade to the CG Sports mobile apps,

for both Android and Apple platforms.

The new apps are packed with new features and customer experience improvements, and the upgrades.

Will further cement CG Technology’s position as the leader in mobile sports wagering in Nevada.

As Sturla completes the bill, he remembers his defeat in last year’s legislature.

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