With such an oversaturated marketplace, getting top-class traffic is essential for any igaming company, UFABET declared – that’s why the company considers affiliates as paramount to all their plans.


The iGaming industry aims higher and higher each year and the figures support this continuous growth in terms of revenue and new businesses joining the game. It looks like online bookmakers are the most appealing for entrepreneurs because there are several new companies opening their doors every month. Considering that they learned from the competition’s mistakes, all these new bookies promise the best experience with huge bonuses and plenty of benefits for both the customers and their affiliates. Being able to definitely say they’re going to keep their end of the bargain isn’t a straightforward task unfortunately

Always Putting the Customer First

All affiliate websites in the iGaming business want to secure two main aspects. The most important thing is to make sure they’re offering a top-quality product to visitors. Just as important, making sure the partnerships they enter are beneficial is the other aspect.

The best way to make a clear idea about the first point is to take a close look at how the bookmaker treats their customers. And UFABET is all about putting the customer first, that approach being visible in the way they developed the product, interface and the reward system.

High levels of customer satisfaction are achieved by a series of functions and features like a multilingual 24/7 support team available via phone, live-chat or email or the vast range of high-speed payment options are two of the most common traits that players mentioned in their online reviews of UFABET. The list goes on with the multitude of currencies, crypto included, which help UFABET provide a high conversion rate, as well as the excellent localization services reflected by the 50 languages that UFABET’s website is available in.

The same care and attention to details is extended when it comes to UFABET’s partners.The mutually beneficial approach and flexible attitude focused on sustaining development and growth are the two defining traits of UFABET’s affiliate program

Grow Alongside UFA Partners

UFABET completely understands the hardships faced by affiliates that just started their journey or are facing the decision of joining a new program. In most cases, the lack of understanding and support from the bookmaker can jeopardize the entire process and make a great affiliate change their mind. Since first impressions are paramount in this industry, UFABET’s approach includes a very appealing welcome offer for new affiliates.

The first three months of the partnership are covered by a custom-tailored commission plan while concepts like limiting the potential profit of a partner are not part of UFABET’s way of doing things. Instead, along with the boosted commission, you get access to a series of methods and tools to help you direct traffic efficiently and make the most out of your partnership. The overall supportive and collaborative environment is the perfect foundation for a solid partnership right from the start.

All new partners get a 35% guaranteed commission, indifferent of net revenue values or first-time depositor count. Being an aboveaverage commission, it makes the perfect helping hand for the newcomers and gives them more courage.

The very advantageous commission isn’t all you’re getting. A dedicated account manager will always be there to assist you with all the details leading to a productive activity and maximizing your potential. Of course, this is done with the help of a complete set of marketing materials available 24/7 on the platform so that you can always have everything needed to improve profits. No delays, no complicated access procedures, just everything you need for a mutually-beneficial partnership.

Understanding the Affiliate Needs

Instead of the ‘one size fits all’ approach that most affiliate programs use nowadays, UFABET comes with a custom-tailored, flexible platform that understands every affiliate comes with its own particularities that can be used for maximizing efficiency. Not only that this approach aims to deliver the best experience for UFABET’s partners, but they also hope to help change the way affiliate programs are handled by the entire industry.

The dedicated affiliate manager for each partner is not there for simply making sure the affiliates get everything they need to promote UFABET, but they also come with suggestions and customized solutions to improve efficiency and boost conversion rates. Even more than that, all the marketing materials and banners can be customized so that affiliates are able to precisely target various demographics. Receiving constant feedback from partners helps UFABET to constantly improve the services offered and improve the platform from one update to the other

UFA Partners’ Advantages

  • A customized approach for each partner in part
  • Automatic weekly payouts upon request
  • Commission extended across all UFABET products
  • Lifetime commission guaranteed
  • Customized offer for each partner