BET365 CONTINUES TO deliver the most astonishing figures. It was an excellent year for its challengers, too. GVC, Kindred and the Stars-Sky axis pushed hard but it was impossible to argue with BET365 ’s weight of numbers

Total revenue for the Stoke-based giant were up 25 per cent to £2.8bn to the end of March 2018 while operating profits rose 33 per cent to £660m. Continuing to deliver this level of growth year after year, despite the operator’s size is simply phenomenal.

Its continuing dominance as the world’s most popular sports betting website owes everything to an attention to detail. It owed its growth to product improvement. For example, live content was increased to 160,000 events, streaming everything from football to tennis matches to darts and racing events around the world.

“The growth BET365 is able to deliver from its already market-leading position is nothing short of astounding,” said one judge. “ BET365 is the clear winner when it comes to sports betting.”

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