One thing about sibling duo Disclosure spring to mind when you see them recreate their twostep live

they work together with psychic ease as they zig-zag behind their tabletop of MacBooks,

chaos pads and electronic organs. Huw and Guy Lawrence never give each other the nod, they just slip left and right,

flicking triggers that the other has set off, bobbing to their clipped beats inspired by fellow south Londoner Burial.

Every now and then, Huw picks up a bass guitar, offering a human touch to an otherwise completely computerised performance.

It’s welcome but not needed. Disclosure are a truly modern band, and their music could only exist in a post-Skream world,

where an electronic genre can be called ‘night bus’ and seem poignantly named rather than totally ludicrous.

Most tracks feature spliced, chipmunk’d female vocals, which isn’t anything new in two-step, but the fact that they’re consistently so upbeat is.

Disclosure’s songs don’t wallow in suburban decay, they playfully bounce,

like Gold Panda’s ‘You’, and that’s what makes them so enjoyable live they bring a celebratory dance party,

not an introspective, lethargic show of bedroom electronics to question you McDonald’s day job to.

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