A bright student, it didn’t take him half the time to get his lessons that it did the others.

A cheerful, pleasant, agreeable companion,

he could read the New Testament in Greek like English but knew not a word of Latin.

They asked me to help him; in ninety days he was above mediocrity in that language.

 — Samuel Taylor Marshall, Miami 1840, of ever honored memory. One of Beta Theta Pi’s eight founders,

Charles Henry Hardin, of ever honored memory, is number five on the roll of Alpha chapter at Miami University.

Born July 15, 1820, in Trimble County,

CHARLES HENRY HARDIN (1820-92) He rode horseback to Bloomington,

where he attended the University of Indiana, 1837-39, before transferring to Miami, March 18,1839.

After Marshall and John Reily Knox had finalized their plans for a new fraternity,

Charles Hardin roomed next door to Marshall, so we called him in, and I initiated him and Taylor Marshall.”

After graduation from Miami, he studied law at William Jewell College.

A Democrat, he served in the Missouri House, 1852, 1854 and 1858.

In 1855, he was appointed to a commission to revise and codify the laws of Missouri.

Hardin served in the Missouri house of representatives;

CHARLES HENRY HARDIN (1820-92) Primarily a lawyer and educator,

Hardin was a founder and board chairman of Hardin (Mo.)

He was a curator of the University of Missouri,

a trustee of William Jewell College for 22 years,

president of the Mexico Southern Bank and keynote speaker at Beta Theta Pi’s convention in 1885.

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