Getting started with online fundraising

Did you know that online giving makes up 30% of all charitable donations? With the rise and prominence of websites, such as, this should not be a surprise.

But how much focus do we give to online fundraising in our strategies as churches, organisations and businesses?

It is common sense for most churches to rely on offerings given on Sundays. Para-church ministries and charities/not-for-profit organisations,

Getting started on the other hand, do not have the luxury of such regular offerings from a stable congregation.

In these cases, online fundraising is a resource that should not be ignored. There are three main avenues for online fundraising.

Online fundraising platforms Online fundraising websites, such as JustGiving, Virgin Money Giving or Everyclick,

provide an effective way to raise awareness of charitable causes and to raise money from a wide

Getting started range of people who find out about your cause online.

Most of these platforms are integrated with social media, allowing people passionate about your cause to champion

it easily and effectively on popular platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

JustGiving has over 83,000 Twitter followers, and will retweet tweets relating to your ongoing campaigns on its platform.

JustGiving also has a Facebook page and app to help people donate more easily, thus increasing your completion rates.

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