The Bible informs us that one of the keys to a successful marriage is ‘understanding’ (1 Peter 3:7).

However, ‘understanding’ is not only important for marriage, it is essential for all relationships. Misunderstanding each other causes many conflicts.

Such misunderstandings are often due to the fact that we have different personality types.

One of the unique features of Paul’s list of seven spiritual gifts (in Romans 12:6-8) is that, in addition to being gifts,

THE SEVEN PERSONALITY TYPES IN CHURCH each of the gifts corresponds to a personality type, and all of us can identify with at least one of them. The personality types are: Prophet

THE SEVEN PERSONALITY TYPES IN CHURCH (ie. Truth-Teller), Server, Teacher, Exhorter, Giver, Administrator and Mercy.

The key to relating to each of these personality types is to understand them. We will encounter them both in the Church and the world,

so we would do well to know a bit about them so that we can respond to each in a Christlike manner.

The Truth-Teller is brutally honest and speaks frankly without fear of the consequences.

They can’t stand hypocrisy and are very vocal. This combination can sometimes make them tricky to be around,

as they may well say something that will upset you! They simply tell it as they perceive it.

The Server loves to help others in practical ways, and can consequently be judged as not being very spiritual.

However, that is not the case; they are just in tune with the need to attend to the physical matters.

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