The Golden Jubilee

Planning for the 1935 Golden Jubilee

The Fraternity’s fiftieth anniversary, began as early as 1930.

This was not simply a matter of planning a congratulatory party, it was a call to sisters to strive for greatness.

As happily described in The First Fifty Years: Fifty years of building,

of painstaking effort along the path first indicated by seven earnest girls

in 1885 found its culmination in the Golden Jubilee Convention of Alpha Chi Omega.

Many were its unique features, and many were its points of interest.

Five years of planning went toward its success, and more members of the fraternity shared both in its preparation

and in its enjoyment than had ever before participated in any national event.

that those chapters not already in their homes make active plans to be established by 1935.

Alumnae chapters had their own set of directives

Continue their vigilance in linking all alumnae with

the life of the fraternity; that those chapters not administering scholarships plan to do so;

that alumnae clubs either administer scholarships of their own accord or join with one or more clubs

in doing so that continued interest and enthusiasm for the fraternity be fostered.

The challenge as made at the 1930 convention that each chapter present plans at the 1933 convention

for a scholarship or some type of award to be presented in honor of the fiftieth anniversary at the college where they were located.

The Fiftieth Golden Jubilee Convention involved extensive, complex travel.

Indiana, then traveled by train to White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, and, finally, to Washington, D.C.

But the convention planners were up to the logistical challenges.

According to The First Fifty Years: Many were the predictions of failure and the doubts which arose in the minds of those

who had nothing to do with the arrangements as to the feasibility of transporting such a large group from place to place.

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