Scholarships for Children

In supporting scholarships for children

the Fraternity took to heart the position of the Child Conservation Section of the Department of Labor, which stated that,

“A large proportion of genius is lost to society because it is born among children

of the poor where it perishes for want of an opportunity.”

 The Fraternity recognized the privilege of being able to support such a widely recognized need following the altruistic efforts of supporting French war orphans.

The 1919 (Chicago) convention body realized a need to establish an outlet for permanent altruistic work for the Fraternity and its members.

The criteria? It should be of long-term interest and value, and applicable both to undergraduate members and alumnae.

A committee chaired by Myra H. Jones (Lambda, Syracuse) felt that the establishment of scholarships

for children was determined to be the right outlet for our members’ altruistic inclinations

The purpose of the scholarships was to assist children whose parents could not afford to send them to school after they reached legal working age.

The scholarship funds would allow them to pursue further education, often through vocational school,

and would direct the energies of participating alumnae chapters—coordinating their focus and combining their philanthropic interests.

(The Fraternity’s war service, the adoption of French orphans,

also inspired the selection in part—and support for this project continued until January of 1921.)

She explained, “Alpha Chi Omega in this work has a large opportunity and we hope to make our plans flexible enough to provide for indefinite expansion as the work and interest in it grow.”

As explained in The Lyre, “One of the most important features of the scholarship work is that the child should be made proud of his scholarship,

and be made to consider it a reward of merit, in much the same way as the college young man or woman is proud of a college scholarship.

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