Coding is the way forward

We have to face facts – the world is changing. We’re becoming more technology-obsessed, and it seems impossible to avoid this trend.

Even children are affected.

The simplest of toys on high street shelves have a digital edge, from sensors to automated music.

So perhaps that is why the UK Government took a massive step and added coding to the core school curriculum. What is coding, then?

Coding is simply a language that gets a computer to execute a number of instructions.

So, rather than just being an end user and a consumer,

coding enables you to be a producer. By teaching children to code, they begin to understand the sequence and logic behind technology,

even if they are not interested in technology-based jobs.

So why teach children to code? They say that you should teach children a different language while they are young,

because this is when they find it easiest to learn.

Our brains are more easily able to absorb so much information at this young age that it becomes second nature.

There are a few apps and childfriendly technology that introduce children to the basics of coding.

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