Influence of the digital age on Christmas presents

Christmas presents are notoriously hard to get right, especially for children and even more so for teenagers.

This is probably why more and more of us are resorting to gadgets as presents for our children, nieces,

Influence of the digital nephews and young friends, along with the fact that most teenagers absolutely prefer having gadgets as Christmas presents.

An interactive visitor poll on an e-commerce website in 2014identified the topfive coolest gifts for teenage

boys are technology-based, and topping the list are gaming gadgets and mobile technology, ie.tablets and game consoles.

Added to this,technology suppliers churn out upgraded versions of their wares,making the technology present you bought last year completely obsolete.

Social pressure plays a big part in teenagers’wishes, so do not be surprised at their reason for wanting the latest

Nintendo console or FIFA game is just because‘all’their friends have one.

ATelegraph article in 2013,quoting a report by the comparison service uSwitch,predicted that collectively,

parents will be splashing out over £3billionon techgifts fortheir kids,spending £243 each to fulfil their children’s Christmas wishes.

Nearly a fifth (16 per cent) will go even further and shell out £400 or more on tech gifts for their children this year.

They go on to say that many kids will be demanding the latest gadgets,whatever their age.

That is very strong language – DEMANDING – but I tend to agree, young people now expect these technology

Influence of the digital gifts and may be highly upset if they do not get one, especially at Christmas.

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