Turning greens into garden gold

Winnipeg residents could make much better use of their leftovers, Kelly Kuryk thinks.

Unlike many Canadian communities that put their kitchen scraps into green bins,

people who live in Winnipeg send most of their organic waste to the dump with garbage.

At the same time, much of the compost sold to gardeners in Manitoba’s capital is imported from British Columbia, Quebec and the US.

That’s a situation Kuryk, project manager for Compost Winnipeg, would like to change.

“We’re missing a huge part of the equation,” Turning greens into garden gold she says.

“All of the resources that just go into the landfill every day.

This lean start-up grew out of Winnipeg’s Green Action Centre (GAC).

Originally the Recycling Council of Manitoba, the GAC pioneered Winnipeg’s first recycling depots in the 1980s,

Turning greens into garden gold collecting cardboard, pop cans and other high-value recyclables, prior to the advent of curbside pickup.

Kuryk joined the centre in 2014, when it had been looking at starting a social enterprise to further its mission and develop a new funding source.

She was considering starting a small business collecting compost.

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