dollars and sens

It is early December and time to select a Christmas present for their mentor and most enthusiastic supporter.

The question faced by the Founders: What should the brand new Fraternity give Dean Howe for Christmas? There were no funds in the treasury.

The December 9, 1885, minutes state: The next question considered was the desirability of presenting Prof.

Howe on Christmas with a photograph of the members of the fraternity…. All were in favor of doing so and each member was assessed 20 cents to cover the expense of said present; 17 cents would be sufficient to pay for the picture but the money in the treasury running low,

it was decided to assess the extra 3 cents to provide for emergencies.

There is no photograph of the original seven Founders taken as a group หวยฮานอยพิเศษ.

The group photograph taken on December 15, 1885, includes the first pledges.

This has become the most treasured photograph in the Alpha Chi Omega archives collection. It does include all seven Founders.

 It suggests the stability of this brand new group, having doubled in size in but two months.

 No matter what the cost to the members, it was a bargain to future generations.

And, it was a lovely gift for Dean Howe. Thus began the Fraternity’s “official” relationship with finances.

Until 1891, a system of fines took care of the regular running expenses of the chapter.

From the December 16, 1885, minutes: A motion was put before the house in regard to the fees,

dollars and sens the motion that instead of each member paying 5 cents every time they were present,

the 10 cents would be doubled when they were absent; after some discussion the motion was carried.

The June 17, 1886, minutes indicate that neglect of duty was taken seriously by the women and “served to swell the treasury.”

Here is the report of unexcused absences and fines to the treasury for the term: Anna Allen neglect of duty twice 40 cents Ollie Burnett 3 absences and neglect of duty 1 dollar Bertha Deniston 3 absences 60 cents Ella Farthing 1 absence 20 cents Bessie Grooms last term assessment 30 cents Unusual events,

dollars and sens such as the installation of Beta chapter,

required special levies, in this instance amounting to $3.18 per member to send delegates to Albion, Michigan.

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