Sisters Lizzie Means Duplantis

and Sarah Means reimagined the humble beginnings of the cowboy boot a couple of years ago.

Google tells us that just following the Civil War, the boots were invented solely for working purposes, to keep riders safe;

the tall shaft provided protection from brambles and loathsome snakes, the pointed toe gave the wearer quick entry into the stirrups,

 the chunky heel kept riders rounding up livestock secure in the saddle, and ear pulls made the boots easy to tug on.

Sarah and Lizzie grew up with firsthand experience of all this on the family’s West Texas cattle farm,

christened Moon Ranch. “We could ride horses before we could walk,” says Sarah.

Truth be told, Lizzie adds, “We were expected to ride and brand.”

Now the sisters have blended that Texas bravado with New York élan in their fashion-driven boot brand, Miron Crosby.

Armed with Western traditions and following boarding school in Austin

and college at Texas Christian University, the pair moved to New York to begin their careers,

and became known for a wearing a wide array of cowboy boots design by Rios of Mercedes, a sixteen-decade manufacturer owned by the sisters’ cousins.

While in the big city working in finance, Lizzie laughs,

“I was at Goldman in my pencil skirts and my cowboy boots.”

Sarah, the “more downtown” of the pair, and a fashion major, loved pairing a little bit of Texas with the streets of Manhattan.

The girls eventually came back to Texas inspired by the differences and similarities of the fashion cultures in Dallas and New York.

Recognizing a growth point in the market, they dug their heels into the boot business and came up with Miron Crosby.

The company is named after their greatgrandfather Marion Otis Means (a cowboy’s cowboy, the girls say),

and Crosby, a pasture on the family’s cattle ranch as well as a street in SoHo where the sisters spent time while living in New York.

They also gave a nod to Moon Ranch with a low-slung, crescent-shaped “o” as part of their branding.

Operating out of a gem of a space in Highland Park Village,

the Texas designers deliver two collections a year: spring/summer and fall/ winter, with a holiday boot tossed in.

With their boots spotted on Gigi Hadid in Vogue,

the creators have enjoyed their fair share of celebrity—as evidenced by a new collection with Prabal Gurung for spring 2020 release.

“Miron Crosby is reinventing Western wear by bringing consumers premium, handcrafted, artisanal boots with cutting-edge designs,” Gurung raves.

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