between company

Brands mean business – trust me!

Brands, the argument goes, help you stand out from the competition, they form a relationship between company and customers,

between company strengthen the effectiveness of an organisation’s marketing spend and they provide a bond.

with employees that goes way beyond the remuneration package.

 As someone who is a passionate advocate of brands,

 I believe the best explanation of what makes them so pivotal,

 comes from Unilever’s former Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Keith Weed.

 Once named by Forbes as the World’s most influential CMO,

between company  he famously argued that ‘A brand without trust is a product’.

 When I say famously, I’m really referring to the awareness of this marketing adage throughout the Clarion.

Gaming office as it’s a mantra that I quote at every opportunity!

As in any relationship, trust is everything and conversely,

This is particularly the case with businesses operating in the hospitality and  entertainment.

space where the competition for spend is so intense. 

followed in May this year with the first edition of ICE North America.

 The relatively low cost of building a loyal customer base compared to those associated.

with recruiting new customers make trust an incredibly valuable asset for any business.

In the same way that bingo operators have invested in their brands, so has Clarion Gaming. 

Arguably the most famous event brand in gaming is ICE.

 Through a continuous programme of brand investment ICE London has enjoyed a fantastic period of growth.

Over the period 2011–2019 show attendance has increased by 73 percent, net floor space is up 137 percent and the number of exhibitors has risen from 409 (2011) to the 2019 total of 612.

With trust comes reputation and the exportability of this reputation enabled us to launch ICE Africa in 2018,

followed in May this year with the first edition of ICE North America.

 we have been able to create events that the industry wants and supports.

 This applies to the fantastic relationship that we enjoy with the Bingo Association,

a partnership which has enabled us to represent the bricks and mortar bingo industry with its own Pavilion,

something that has developed into a really important and stand out feature of the ICE London experience.

One final thought – is it any coincidence that it’s a brand led strategy that has given ICE London such a purple patch of growth?

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