While Everi’s TournEvent certainly injected

New life into the genre, other suppliers have captured the benefits of tournaments minus the old hassles by utilizing the evolving technology of casino management systems.

In 2011, Scientific Games (then Bally Technologies) launched its first tournament products run through its casino management systems.

Games DM Tournaments, part of the Elite Bonusing Suite (EBS) of player rewards downloaded through the system to active carded slot machines

The EBS group includes Virtual Racing, a floor-wide bonus video horse race played out on the monitors,

and several individual bonus games as well as the DM Tournament module,

which allowed casinos to configure slot tournaments on any group of machines,

up to an entire casino, choosing any configuration of scheduled session times.

The tournaments run on the iVIEW displays of all the machines,

with any of several hit Scientific Games themes as the tournament game

Hot Shot and Quick Hit, but Scientific Games has since added more games carrying content from both Bally and WMS legacy game libraries.

Customers can now opt to stage tournaments using Hot Shot, Monopoly, Jackpot Frenzy or Quick Hit Mania themes.

Scientific Games now also offers DM Tournaments Express, which is a stand-alone module that can run the same tournaments without having to integrate with the casino management system.

System-Friendly “Tournaments Express can be installed onto any EGM that is compatible with iVIEW Display Manager,

of which there are over 200 compatible slot cabinets from over 20 different manufacturers,

with no back-end integration,” explains Tony Alanis, senior product manager for Scientific Games.

“It creates a roped-off tournament that can be enabled or disabled whenever you want.”

Operators are able to switch between in-revenue and tournament mode through the DM Tournaments Express application.

DM Tournaments allow operators flexibility to design their own tournaments—free-play rewards, invite-only, buy-in contest, player-start tournaments, group-start tournaments and more.

System-Friendly “Ultimately, you can get into your multi-day, multi-session, multi-round, shuffled-prize tournament,” Alanis says.

The tournament offering also is being refined by other slot suppliers in conjunction with casino management systems—namely, the Synkros system from.

Konami and the Advantage system from International Game Technology.

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