Those Class II sales stand to get yet another boost from the development team,

In the form of a revolutionary patent-pending technology called AnyBet, introduced in January on 80 Class II games at Jena Choctaw Pines Casino in Dry Prong, Louisiana.

AnyBet offers every player on a casino floor the chance to win mystery progressive jackpots with, as the name says, any bet. It is a first for the Class II market.

The 25- and 30-line AnyBet linked jackpots start at $250 and $5,000; the 40- and 50-line AnyBet links start at $500 and $10,000.

The 80-game link at Choctaw Pines includes 72 new Ainsworth games.

 AnyBet “AnyBet is being put on dozens upon dozens of our games, no matter the cabinet,” says Trask.

“What is able to link them together is the line count, so we can link dual-screen games with single-screen upright cabinets, slant tops, and so forth.”

Trask says that while a minimum bet is all that is required to win one of the progressives, higher bets mean more chances to win. “Minimum bet affords one chance to win, but maximum bet is going to give you 10 chances to win,” he says.

“As people bet up, they get more chances to hit an AnyBet jackpot.”

The technological innovation doesn’t stop with the $5,000 and $10,000 top prizes, either.

Trask notes that the minor jackpots, with resets of $250 and $500, stop incrementing at $1,199.

For player convenience, but the electronic meters keep incrementing as a “reserve fund” to seed subsequent jackpots.

AnyBet The Jena Choctaw Pines installation was followed by a second link as part the big order at

Four Winds in South Bend, and a third at the Desert Diamond casino in Glendale, Arizona.

Soon to follow will be a launch of AnyBet into Oklahoma, into Alabama for the Poarch Band of Creek Indians,

and into Texas for the Kickapoo tribe’s Lucky Eagle casino.

Trask says that while the top jackpot theoretically hits in the neighborhood of $14,000, Some of the installations have seen top prizes rise as high as $18,000.

“The players have really picked up on it,” says Witt. “Mike’s team did a tremendous job marketing and branding.

We feel we’ve got a product from a hardware and a software.

Standpoint that really puts us in the game now with our major competitors.”

“AnyBet was a real winner for everyone involved,” comments company CEO Gladstone.

“The players will like it, definitely the casinos will like.

It as the revenues are increasing, and the popularity of the game looks good.”

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