tu fawning

Based on the eerie, often twistedly melancholic debut
album by Tu Fawning, I expected to be met by some strange,
twitching and socially inept artist.

Instead, I’m greeted with a bounding, enthusiastic
and charming young man by the name of Joe Haege – the band’s
co-founder, along with his female counterpart Corrina Repp
who, with Haege, is joined by members Liza Rietz and Toussaint

Stemming from Portland, Oregon, Tu Fawning are a band
that have made a meticulously produced debut LP that is
sweeping yet subtle, tristful but playful and when you think
it may be about to divagate it retains its direction with force
and intent. Put simply, there is a lot going on in this record.

“Corrina was already a solo artist and I was in my band 31
Knots,” explains Haege of how the project started, “and we
both liked one another and we invited one another to sing on
various things back and forth until our own projects had a
break and that was the impetus to start something.”
So the name must have some mystical and subversive meaning
to it, representative of the music itself? “No, not really,” says Haege.

“Corrina likes to look through National Geographic books and
pulls out random words that she likes and Tu Fawning were two
that came together, and she said, ‘do you like this?’, and I
did, so that’s the name.”

The band have recently just finished their first tour of the
U.S supporting Menomena (of whom Joe is also a touring member),
which “went really well.” “The response was great,”

says the singer. “I was a little worried people would find it too
weird or dark, but people really seemed to like it”.

‘Hearts on Hold’ is a densely atmospheric and multifaceted
record, though and you’d think that translating it live must be
a difficult feat.

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