Goldie Got It Right

A lesson in seizing the moment, courtesy of Marty McFly and Mayor Goldie Wilson

Marty McFly couldn’t stop himself.

That DeLorean-driving, purple-underpants wearing, rock-‘n’-roll-inventing time traveler sat there, his eyes bugged and his mouth agape, while the busboy from Mr.

Carruthers’ coffee shop ripped his father a new—well, whatever they said back in 1955—for backing down against some bullies.

“Stand tall, boy,” the busboy told teenage George McFly.

“Don’t you know if you let people walk over you now, they’ll be walking over you the rest of your life? Look at me.

I’m going to make something of myself. I’m going to night school, and one day I’m going to be somebody.”

And that’s when Marty, who could see the future because he was from the future, couldn’t hold back.

He’d held out as long as humanly possible, stopping himself from spilling the beans on what lay ahead for the busboy.

Then, in an instant, he hit the point of no return and had to let it fly. “That’s right!” Marty said, his voice rising in excitement.

“He’s going to be mayor!”

The busboy, a wide-smiled, gold-toothed young man named, aptly enough, Goldie, did a double-take.

He paused for a second and raised his index finger into the air. “Mayyyyor!” Goldie Wilson said, exaggerating the “ay” like Arthur Fonzarelli would do after elbowing a jukebox.

“Now that’s a good idea.

I could run for mayor.”

Which he did.

And won.

At least once, because, according to the movie, he was up for reelection in 1985.

And what does this have to do with business? Turns out quite a bit. Next time you’re in a discussion with someone at work, or with a lot of someones at work, perhaps at one of those fancy-pants offsite corporate strategy sessions, there’s one word you need to keep in the front of your mind and on the tip of your tongue. Synergy?

Ideation? Deliverable? Paradigm?

No, no, no, and hell no! It’s mayyyyor.

The real value in these mass mind melds— and there is indeed value—is to create as many of these “mayor moments” as possible.

Forget the pa rade of PowerPoints that leave you glassy-eyed like Michael Spinks when he got knocked out by Mike Tyson or Mike Tyson when he got knocked out by Buster Douglas or Buster Douglas when he got knocked out, well, by just about everybody.

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