The video to ‘Platoon’, one half of Jungle’s debut release, is
simply incredible – one fixed camera of a totally gangster 6-yearold girl breakdancing her way to a headspin that looks like she’s on a

Due to her unbelievable age (at 6, I was having trouble walking
in a straight line), the 3-minute short pulls focus from the track’s
TV On The Radio-esque neo soul vocals, and smoothest of midtempo grooves.

The accompanying ‘Drops’ is less funky, and more like
a sexy demo that Sampha would drop, or Jai Paul, perhaps. The kid
in Adidas has to be seen, but Jungle’s soundtrack has a lot, too.

It’s the fans that turn me off most of all, not for daring to
like Beady Eye’s drab pub rock, but for failing to see any
humour whatsoever in Liam’s pantomime shtick. Drop

The fact is that everyone likes the guy.
My mum won’t miss Chatty Man if he’s on.
But there’s a difference between thinking Liam Gallagher is a laugh – a bit of fun – and genuinely considering him “an absolute fucking legend”, a term that seems to follow him around like a generous smell. Drop

And yet, of course, these people have found something more
substantial than opinion, sense or proof, even; they’ve found

Trying to get a fan of Liam Gallagher to admit he’s a bit
of a silly bugger is like asking Tom Cruise to contemplate
the possibility that Scientology could be a scam aimed at
rich idiots. In other words, we’re stuck with the guy. Death,
taxes, The Pope and Liam Gallagher.

Liam’s commitment to the role of deluded rock star has in
the past been as entertaining as it is today strangely

He still believes, even if I don’t. I’ve no doubt that it is an act, perhaps not overtly so, more like how you hold your Fs and Us around your partner’s parents, only for Liam he doubles them, ramped up to a predictable caricature.

It feels like a tired stand-up routine full of all the jokes you’ve
already heard. Liam Gallagher doesn’t give a fuck? Yeah, I

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