Cobra Killer,

she’s axing her first two names and self-producing multi-lingual solo albums like ‘Trust Me’.

garage bands at the age of 13.

There’s mini-skirted surf pop twisting to be had (‘Cowboy’), a sultry, ivory-swaying waltz (‘It Was Wrong’) and a ‘Bang Bang

(My Baby Shot Me Down)’
in the attention grabbing ‘Black’.

Brilliant and sexy throughout, is there anyway we can take the credit back from Duffy and give it to someone who understands the full power of 60s pop?

Crunchy credit, global recession – who left is idealistic enough to part
with money and get filthy with a band in catsuits?

Argos and his troupe of dancing girls remind us this Saturday night – it’s never too late to go Glam.

Pop-punk machinists Shrag preface the set with outstanding seething riotgrrrl fury. Trost

A Le Tigre album in meltdown, they mix synths with breakdowns, samples that rip fills and rests: a recalcitrant spit in the direction of commercial girl pop.Trost

Luckily, Glam Chops have shameless energy to spare – rock’n’roll catapults this rollercoaster of sequins from opener

‘European Festivals’ to rockabilly ‘Eddie Are You Ready’.

Tongue is definitely not in cheek, and the band jam a tribute to their
heroes that doesn’t

Whether Glam Chops ever make it to those European Festivals is immaterial: unselfconscious and strangely lovable,

they’re the novelty band every scene needs on its windowsill.

Vocals, guitar, bass and drums start collapsing in on each other like
staggering drunks as

prepared to let anyone go home without roasting their cockles a little. Playing lo-fi punk with raspy female vocals,

The Vulgarians are akin to Patti Smith with a stubbed toe, aimlessly
lashing out at Sleater Kinney

curiously flat and Ladyhawke and band never really engage.

There are a few false starts, a string of isolated moments of pop euphoria, but even ‘Paris Is Burning’ is somewhat muted and the band don’t ever
drop into the glorious groove of which they’re capable.

Ladyhawke’s razor-sharp talons seem a little blunt tonight.

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