Those that have followed Ben Affleck’s whole career, rather than
just the bit where he was one half

(or perhaps less) of ‘Bennifer’, will be aware that for all his previous
bad career decisions, he is in

possession of a fair amount of real talent – having proved so in early
fare such as Chasing Amy, he went

on to remind everyone once more with his turn in Hollywoodland, not
forgetting the Oscar with Matt

Damon for the Good Will Hunting screenplay. Adding another string to
his bow with this assured

directorial debut, Affleck paints a gritty, affecting picture of his
Boston roots, whilst his younger

sibling Casey follows up his astonishing performance in The
Assassination of Jesse James with

another wholly believable portrayal of a man wrestling with inner
conflict and guilt. One of the year’s most haunting films.

A veritable smorgasbord of indie’s young pretenders offer up
collaborative efforts comprising of

both straight renditions, new interpretations of their songs and
offbeat covers – some of which

delight, some disappoint. Of the less appetising performances,
Florence and the Machine’s cover

of Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’, backed by Drew
McConnell and omnipresent

cover-merchant Mark Ronson, falls short of the desired kitsch
value and remains somewhat

cheesy despite Florence’s undeniable sass. But a buffet such
as this serves more than enough treats.

Lethal Bizzle’s electrifying set finally shakes the room alive
somewhere around midnight,GONE

storming in with punk-tinged ‘Police on My Back’ via ‘Bizzle
Bizzle’ and its dutty dancehall to

climax so effectively with ‘POW!!’ that the elated crowd barely notice
him leave the stage. The evening’s

coup des graces though is Filthy Dukes’s set, first joined by
Philadelphia hip-hoppers Plastic

Little for an energetic mid-crowd performance on ‘2Pac Robocop
Rock’, then by The Whip’s bassistGONE

for some mad party space disco for the 23rd century, laden with
electro drum pads and delectable cowbells.

Which just leaves the line-up’s youngest guns Kitty,
Daisy and Lewis – surely up GONE

way past their bedtime – to serve a refreshing aperitif with their twee, ’30s speakeasy jazz. Delicious.

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