NMHS Annual Meeting

Members who find their wayco Brisco!, Rhode Island, on Saturday,

5 June, are in for a treat. Our host this yea r is the Herresh off Marine Museum,

on the site of the Herresh off Manufacturing Company, famous for the excellence of the boats they designed and built, which ranged from day sailersco power cruise rs and naval vessels.

Renowned particularly for eighr consecutive successful America’s Cup defenders between 1859 and 1934, th ey also built rhe first torpedo boars for the US Navy.

The company’s buildings now house more rhan 50 classic sailing and power yachts, steam engines, fittings, phorographs and memorabilia.

The America’s C up Hal l of Fame is a tribute to th e great racers of this fabled imernational competition.

With the Model Room an d the Hall ofBoats, the A. Sidney de W. Herresh off Room completes the museum.

Curator Carlton J. Pinheiro wi ll give a tour of the new model room, whi ch houses 600design models for Nathanael G . Herreshoff’ s spectacular race-winning yachts and other vessels.

In addition, the president of the museum, Halsey Herreshoff, grandson of Captain Nar and a naval architect himself,

will give an afternoon talk on the museum and guide members through the Hall of Boats.

Coffee and registration srarr at 9AM an d the Business Meetingstarrs ar lOAM.

Proj ect Reports in the morning will include the OpSail Education Program, Project Experimem , the Sea Experience Scholarship Program,

Tall Ships on rhe Hudson, and the World M arine Millennium Conference.

A buffer lunch will be catered for us in a rem overlooking Narragansett Bay.

Acash bar will be avai lable before and during lu ncheon.

Foll owing lunch and the bri ef afternoon program, we wi ll break imo small groups for more intimate viewing of th e displays.

Members who choose to stay in Rhode Island for the weekend can rake this opportunity to visit.

the International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS) in Newport, Rhode Island.

Founded by Elizabeth Meye r, wholed the restoration of the-class ya ch rs Shamrock Vand Endeavour,

IYRS is a unique and highly successfu l program reaching young peopl e rhe skills, history and related sciences necessary to rhe restoration and maimenance of historic yachts.

On Sunday, 6 June, they will offer tours from 1OAM until 12 noon and keep their doors open until 5PM,

so NMHS members can visit and learn about their work.

Their water from sire includes a National Historic Register Steam Mill Building, the Restoration Hall , a gallery and a wharf wirhyachts on display.

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