A Victory Ship Wins Through

The Red Oak Victory Returns to Richmond

There is hardly anyone aro und these days who recalls the launching of the Red Oak Victory from Ka ise r Shipyard No. 1 at Richmo nd, Californ ia, on 9 November 1944.

an ammunition ship with space aboard for not only the crew but also an armed guard and a special cargohan dling crew that made the ship independent when off loading.

became the SS Red Oak Victory,

served in the Korea n and Vietnam wars,

Victory ships were designed to replace

by Joseph S. Rychetnik Liberty ships as the work lorse that got men and supplies to the front.

An improved hull, steam turbine engines and modern engineering were to lend.

speed to the ships to take them quickly through Uboatinfested waters and on into peace time.

The Victory was intended to survive the war to form the nucleus of the postwar merchant marine.

The Kaiser shipyards at Richmond, California, built 142 Victotys, more than any other builder.

The company made its mark ea rly in the war and, beginning with the Ocean VanguardinAugust 194 1, bui lr 747 vessels, from frigates to troop transports.

Its four shipyards turned out Libertys in record numbers and switched smoothly to the Victory.

design after the 1944 launching of their 5 l 9th, and last, Liberty.

When the C-4 trooper Marine Snapper came down the ways on 12August 1945, it signaled the end of the Kaiser line.

The Red Oak Victory is the last of the Richmond Kaiser output still afl oat. During the war,

the Kaiser engineers and workers had improved the system of shipbuilding to the point where they could build and launch ships in a few days.

The Red Oak Victory was built in a typical 87 days.

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