Polly Scattergood

2009 has been cited as the year when women take the musical
reins from the boys and dominate record players nationwide. Not
surprisingly then,

here’s another young female solo singer vying for our attention over Little Boots and La Roux et al.

The difference here is that Polly Scattergood is worth the fuss. For the most part resisting the much travelled pop route,

Scattergood finds herself a place somewhere between the undulating vocals of Kate Bush and the haunted whisperings of Laura Marling.

Her often childish sounding voice is forgivable when you hear the gem that is debut single ‘Nitrogen Pink’,

which will urge you to hang your arms limply above your head and slap on a smile while looking hopefully at the future.

The perfect antidote to Duffy’s smug, pug-face.

It all begins with a wall-melting hurricane of white noise. Then,
about two minutes in,

you come to the realisation that watching Kap Bambino perform live is an
experience something akin to being bludgeoned repeatedly in the face with a Casio keyboard weighted down with rocks.

This French duo have a reputation for manic live performances, and they’re not gonna disappoint tonight.

Singer Caroline Martial seems particularly unhinged. Clad in black leather, she stares, deadeyed and urgent, her head motionless but her body twitching manically to the rhythm.

The music, meanwhile, is crunchy electro, monolithically heavy in places, but always frantically intense.

The Macbeth crowd is split pretty much fifty-fifty: those far too cool to dance, and those cool enough not to care. It gets pretty hairy down the front.

Someone clatters the overhead P.A., setting it swinging precipitously over the heads of the moshpit, so Caroline decides to go crowd-surfing,

clutching the mic like a weapon, her wordless yelp piercing the chaotic noise.

Eventually, inevitably, crowd merges with stage and Kap Bambino are lost in a sea of thrashing limbs.

My advice: go see this band live. If you get out alive, you’ll have a smile on your face.

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