Toro Y Moi

A full CD-R release of a two-anda-half-year-old chillwave tour? Go
on, then. Toro

Can’t be more irritating than that Portlandia theme tune. Oh, he’s singing about summer and missing his girlfriend.

How orig…hang on, is that a disco beat in ‘Take the L to Leave’? Shit, it’s
gone again.Toro

But those guitars – lofi but lush, like a bunch of crooked wind chimes falling down a tree.

And this Chaz Bundick guy sounds a bit like that Ariel Pink
dude, but with none of the kookyToro

nonsense and all of the warmth and vulnerability. Not bad at all.

I do sometimes feel like I’m listening to the aural equivalent of a Hipstamatic Facebook photo Toro

album, but I’m kind of hooked – hooked because of the melodies.
And this is the guy who made ‘Underneath the Pine’? Might

have to go back and listen to that a bit more – this record’s way too

“Well, yes, it’s partly my own fault. I’ve got a great sense of fun in me and I play up to it sometimes and I don’t mind saying so.

I do expect people to get the humour of it all, though. It would be so wrong to think The Sex Pistols was a dour,

vicious, hateful thing – it wasn’t, it was very fun for us. A great sense of innocence and hope for the world,

but the media manipulated it to make it whatever they wanted it to be. I think the audience knew better,

so it really didn’t matter what the press was saying, but it’s a bit silly when still to this day I get people who ‘filthy and fury’ us.

When we reformed in ’96, we used that exact title, ‘the filth and the fury’,
just to sling it back.

It’s a game, it’s a laugh, but the songs actually mean something and they are about change and

improving our lives, not making them worse. I don’t want to riot for no reason.

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