Surfer Blood

Surferblood’s 2010 debut hit with a glazed, grinning, shit-eating charm.

Buoyant and insistently catchy, it served to underline that these
young Floridian’s knew their way around a happy-go-lucky guitar

Three years on from ‘Astro Coast’ and those same sweet melodies briefly veer into Pixies territory on the barking vocal of ‘I Blood

Was Wrong’ and flit with florid Morrissey-esque panache on ‘Squeezing Blood’, but it also gives Blood

‘Pythons’ an easy frequency; one safe in its fuzzy, sunny harmonies,
jangling guitar lines and try-hard anthemia.

‘Blair Witch’ attempts to reel in The Shins’ wounded sensibility, the pop-by-numbers of ‘Say Yes to Me’ breezes past easily enough and

‘Weird Shapes’ briefly throws a curveball in a ‘100 Broken Windows’ era Idlewild.

It makes ‘Pythons’ feel like a measured attempt at ticking off the requisite
guitar pop boxes, but nothing more.

That year began in Brighton, where the band relocated to and
are still based. Their new hometown is, as described by
Patrick, “a funny place.”Blood

“There’re a million bands in Brighton,” he begins “which
gives the perception (it did for me anyhow when I moved here)

that there’s a definite scene that is all encompassing, but
there isn’t. Blood

There’re just lots of awful local bands constantly featured on the front of glossy local listings magazines who are supporting MOR indie outfits and
playing terrible chillout festivals.

There’re also a million venues too, but so many are terrible.”

“Brighton really lacks aplace like The Cavern in Exeter,” continues Oliver,
remembering where the band first met “which is a kind of central ‘hub’, for

want of a better word, where pretty much all of the non-bland youth of Exeter go, and so you naturally end up meeting people who share your

Without The Cavern, Exeter, for me, would be devoid of anything interesting.

The equivalent in Brighton are Sex is Disgusting shows, so hurrah
for them.

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