Heterotic Weird Drift

Heterotic are husband and wife, electronic tinkerers Mike Paradinas
and Lara Rix-Martin, the former of whom ploughs a better-known furrow
as electronic tinkerer μ-Ziq.

Accordingly, ‘Weird Drift’ is defined mainly by electronic tinkering, most
of which veers toward either the neon-lit Bladerunner drama of
foreboding analogue synths, or gauzy chillwave laced with breathy
vocals and psychedelic diversion.

Uniting these two ends is a general hypnagogic fug that lies over the
whole album, adding cohesion but also distraction with its forced sense
of faux-nostalgia: ‘Rain’,

for example, is a perfectly amiable pop ballad, but hearing it through a mock-Balearic haze does it no favours.

Occasionally, as on ‘Liverpool’, the atmosphere lifts to reveal a rather charming, breezy take on instrumental electronica, and ‘Empires’ makes for
a satisfying finale. Unfortunately,

though, these peaks don’t offer quite enough heft to overcome the wispiness elsewhere, leaving the impression of a record just a little too caught up in its own distinct but not particularly inviting little world.

“After we broke up, because Britt’s address was on the record, he started
getting a lot of mail and it all just went into a cardboard box that we never
looked at for years, and one time I went

over to his house and we started going through these letters and we started opening them and some people had sent money for ‘Tweez’ from, like,

Poland or somewhere, but it was three years old at the time or something, and then we found this letter from PJ Harvey and I don’t think she had put
out any records yet

but there was a big poster of a picture she had taken with her guitar and she wrote in there that she’d had some difficult times in her life and all she could listen to for a long time was Howlin’ Wolf and ‘Spiderland’ and she asked if she could be our singer,

but we didn’t see this until much later, but we wrote her and thanked her for that letter.”

In the years in-between breakingup and getting back together, Slint’s band members have all been involved in multiple projects.

Pajo has recorded extensively as a solo artist and also been in Tortoise, Interpol, Royal Trux,

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Zwan and many others. Britt Walford played a pivotal
role in shaping the sound of the Breeders’

‘Pod’ album as well as various other, often mysterious or un-credited roles in other bands and projects.

He was also in bandmate Brian McMahan’s project, The For Carnation (whose eponymous record is an often overlooked gem) and Todd Brashear
has been a long-time Bonnie Prince Billy contributor

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