A Heritage at the Service of Youth

A Heritage at the Service of Youth

The schooner Ernestina, born 95 years ago as the Gloucester fisher man Effie

M. Morrissey, set sai I from her home port of New Bed ford on May 16,

bound to the westward in company with the Mystic Seaport Museum schooner Brilliant, with Conne cticut students in crew.

So she began a voyage that is slated to bring her to New York City’s Harlem River in early June.

A Heritage at the Service of Youth As recounted in our last (SH 49, p.21 ),

Ernestina sails today in a program skipper Dan More land calls “mantenhas”-bringing new life to the varied,

multicultural heritage of the seafaring commu nities she has served in her long, productive lifetime- from the Cape Verde Republic,

off the West Coast of Africa, to Newfoundland in Canada’s Maritime Provinces.

 The purpose of the visit to the Harlem River is to conduct

a two-day cruise with students of the East Harlem Maritime Junior High School,

an effort coordinated by Paul Pennoyer, who teaches marine biology at the school.

Pennoyer, an experienced deepwater sailor, served as mate of the barkentine Regina Maris

on her whale-watching cruises offshore, under the command of the late George Nichols.

The visit, sponsored by the National Friends of Ernestina/Morrissey and the National Maritime Historical Society,

who worked together in the Cape Verde government’s project to restore the schooner and return her to the United States,

Sister Maryann Hedaa, Gould Foundation Associate in charge of maritime education,

has characterized the undertaking as “bringing a heritage home to people,

and putting it atthe service of the young people who can benefit by it in developing their lives.”

It is hoped to do smaller, more advanced sea cruises from

the East Harlem school aboard the brigantine Black Pear! later this year.

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