Feist Shepherd’s Bush Empire London

Feist’s latest album may be tough meat, full of scabrous clanging and
raw production obfuscating the detail, but in a live setting it comes to
life rather magically. Shepherd’s

The first hour of tonight’s all-seater show is a performance of it, in order and in full, during which she and her wonderfully sensitive band inject a tenderness and warmth that not only allows the songs to breathe but also provides a welcome three-dimensionality.

Even the album’s bizarre cameo by Jarvis Cocker, who makes a brief
appearance tonight wiggling his arse and brandishing an hourglass, makes
curious sense.

The second half (Feist highlights), is just as revelatory: ‘My Moon My Man’ has newfound heft, and a reworking of ‘1234’ finds its familiar melody renewed with serpentine quirk.

It’s a masterfully communicative performance.

The second half of ‘Dedicated to Bobby Jameson’, though, is where
Pink comes into his own.

Here the record takes an avant-pop hatchet to the ’60s.

‘Bubblegum Dreams’ is a scuzzy, glitchy number, as though someone has gone at a Beach Boys record with a scouring pad.

Meanwhile, ‘Dreamdate Narcissist’ could have been written by a less
clean-cut, slightly evil version of The Monkees.

On both tracks Ariel has kept the infectious energy of his bubblegum pop forefathers, splicing it with his own penchant for total weirdness.

Still, he doesn’t stay focused here for long and ‘Do Yourself A Favour’ is more laid-back, a gentle moment before the twisted funk of Dâm-Funk

collaboration ‘Acting’ closes another distracted, disjointed and sparkling Ariel Pink curio that’s better than the last one.

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