toro y moi

Catching up in the middle of his European tour, it’s clear he
is somewhat bewildered by his success.

“Ah, it‘s crazy,” he says. “I mean it‘s fun, but it‘s a totally different lifestyle.”
Chaz is fresh out of college, recently graduating with a degree in graphic design (he does all his own artwork too),

so has gone from student to touring artist, travelling the world within a very short time span.

He gently sips on his coffee as I try to plough through a lukewarm red-stripe
before it becomes plain warm.

He ultimately seems relaxed to the point of ambivalence, yet still
somewhat pensive.

So is he comfortable with being labelled as one of the pioneering artists
of the chill-wave movement? “I’m comfortable with it and it doesn’t really bother me but I don’t know if it’s the right description [for my music].

It’s very broad; all the artists that have been clumped into that [genre] are all so different. toro y moi

I mean there is similarities in the production and influences but the actual songs I feel like everyone has their own thing going on.”

We talk of his new single ‘Leave Everywhere’ and I mention its more rudimentary, garageesque approach compared to the electronic disfigurement that was ‘Causers Of This’.

It seems the laptop is being sidelined and the guitar fore-fronted in his
new musical ventures.

“The next album is not at all like the last album,” says Chaz. “I‘m starting songs with guitars or piano, toro y moi no samples or anything like that.”

So how was the writing process approached for the first record in comparison? “It started with a rhythm, either with a drum sample or
something I programmed really quick and then I would try to get a feel and go from there.”

And does the speed that you write and record mean that we can expect the new album this year? “Erm, yeah, around winter”.

Although Chaz now has a live touring band after feeling “uncomfortable” and “naked” when doing his solo laptop sets, he has still played everything
himself on his new album.

Learning piano from the age of eight and guitar from twelve it seems music has run through his blood for years.

“My mum forced me to play piano and I hated it,” he winces “but I’m pretty
glad she did now! Then drums and guitar were my personal leanings.

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