Bon Voyage Fair Harbor Lady!

Little Jennie’s launching last August was a festive day ,

with crowds sprawled on lawns overlooking Centerport Harbor.

But while children pl ayed in the shallows, everyone knew the moment was the culmination of months of hard work-and the beginning of even more.

Fami lies watched heart-in-mouth as the crane, an American flag at her top , began to hoist Li Ille Jennie.

Aloft, her slender underbody showed the bugeye ‘s Indian log-canoe ancestry.

The launching was perfect, and the graceful old schooner proceeded directly to the Centerport Marina under tow.

There, amid much handshak ing, Laura and Bill Perks of Centerport were the object of specia l apprec iation, f

or the restoration of Little Jennie has been their idea,

and they have engaged the good wishes and strong support of a ll who have come together for this endeavor.

Little Jennie was built in 1884, in Maryland , where she worked for ten years oystering on the Chesapeake.

S ince then, she has freighted wheat and watermelon, rum

(so they say, with two marvelously fast Liberty engines!), and fo r three decades on Long Island Sound , people.

Abandoned , she was seven years a hulk in a Huntington yard before be ing hauled for restoration by the Perks.

Now, at last, she is the beloved harbor lady of the Centerport Marina,

whence she will lead a fleet to Operation Sail 1986 in New York to celebrate the birthday of a younger,

but no less venerable compatriot, the Statue of Liberty .

 To prepare for that momentous occasion, Little Jennie must undergo further restoration work.

In add ition to volunteer help , she needs new masts (those pictured are makeshift) , substanti al work below decks, and a I OOhp + engine.

Long-term projects for Little Jennie include maritime education classes and a special mission involving the handicapped ,

possibly in cooperation with the Jubilee Trust in Great Britain.

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