Celestial Bodies

Since Ferry Gouw’s Semifinalists disbanded, Celestial Bodies has
represented his return to first round action (and making music after directing a few videos for his mate, Lightspeed Champion).Bodies

Although this isn’t necessarily the sort of venue where all bands will
be paying their dues, the stage set up doesn’t seem designed to engage the clientele. Bodies

If you’re not within touching distance of the band then some chunky pillars
might make you feel a bit left out.

So not the ideal place for a new solo project-come-group attempting something a bit moodier and less direct than your standard indie-with-a-bit-of-synth,

and Ferry and Co. do struggle to get the punters involved. Their programmed beats and washes of synth atmosphere add colour to
their choppy rhythms and emotive riffs, but it all feels a bit too forced,
and too self-consciously angsty,

to have any real emotional clout. As a lead voice, Gouw is mostly raw
energy and little in the way of diverting,

and although they’re committed I just can’t see much reason to single them out for praise.

Pastiche is too strong a word but more inspiration and more identity is definitely needed.

For more information: หวยลาวสตาร์