Gary Numan

Gary Numan: This photo was taken on a family holiday in Cyprus. My Dad used to work for British Airways and we got 10% tickets.

Then he left that job so we lost those cheap flights and started going to Weymouth instead. That’s my brother John on the right.

He’s seven years younger. Back home, we lived not far from Heathrow in a house on the London Road.

Living near the airport probably fostered my love for aviation but I’ll never know for sure.Gary Numan

I went to grammar school to begin with and got expelled for bad behaviour. Then I went to Stanwell Secondary School.

By 16 I was going to Brooklands Technical College in Weybridge – a last-ditch attempt to get a few O Levels.

That failed dismally because I got thrown out of there, too.

So I came out of school with no qualifications whatsoever. I’d already decided that music was for me.

School offers you nothing for that. What you’re learning seems totally irrelevant to where you want your life to be going.

On top of that I had Asperger’s [syndrome]. I had a problem with what I saw as the stupidity of certain levels of authority, so I rebelled against that.

Just generally, puberty had kicked in, too. It created in me this desire to not engage with school – I just wanted out.

I saw no point to it. Luckily, my mum and dad were very forgiving and still supported me fantastically and enabled me to get underway with music.

They paid for my recording sessions which got me my first demo.

They were amazing.

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