Trailer Trash Tracys

It’s 10pm and Trailer Trash Tracys’ have just finished suspending the Lock Tavern in a bubble of reverberating shoegaze.

By the water’s edge of Camden Lock they’re being photographed for the very first time, while – what with it being after dark in NW1 – a hygienically challenged ligger turns the air blue,

unsatisfied with the positioning of Susanne [vox], Jimmy [guitar], Adam [bass] and Dayo [drums]. Sloshed and slurring he slumps just out of shot, professing to “know what I’m talking”

Trailer Trash Tracys until the polite four appease the moany Rankin by partaking in their second ever photo call, shot, naturally, on a Sony Ericsson mobile phone. Hands down, our pictures are better.

Further along the path the band have time to reflect on their fifth gig. “It was alright,” says an unsure Jimmy.

“I had a problem with my guitar, but O Children let me use one of theirs, which was very nice of them. Every gig sounds a bit different, I mean, tonight was very distorted…”

“It’s because we’ve got a very ambitious sound, I think,” reasons Adam. “We’re having to work a lot on the tones and stuff, but it’s coming together.

It relies on the soundmen being nice as well. When we have nice soundmen we all enjoy ourselves.” Susanne: “It was hard for us to know how we were going to get it sounding good live,

because it was always a bedroom band.” … Jimmy’s bedroom to be exact. That’s where the guitarist and Susanne would write songs intended for an old band. But demos like the shimmering ‘Strangling Good Guys’

TTT at their most soaring – soon became products of a side project, and quickly their main interest.

“I hadn’t really written music before and I didn’t think I could do it,” says Susanne “but we just had to learn together, I guess.”

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