Phoenix’s fourth album is a joyful affair, instantly leaping out of the speakers with a cheery grin plastered on its face.

Best known for hit ‘Too Young’ that prompted Jack Black to bust a groove in Shallow Hal, the French trio’s songs are eminently danceable.

‘Lisztomania’ sees singer Thomas Mars stuttering himself into lyrical tangles over stomping drums – “I’ve been looking for something else, too late, too late”.

‘Fences’’s dreamy keyboards share an affinity with American pretenders to the electro-indie throne,

Hockey and MGMT, and instrumental ‘Love is Like a Sunset Part 1’captures raw emotion in its sonic swell.

In the three years since their last album Phoenix have travelled, searching for a new sound.

Ultimately they ended up right back where they started and that’s no bad thing.

Crawl or nothing

It’s the sound of defiance to change that Art Brut (sinking this year to a lowly 7:00pm slot) and Carl Barat

(feebly bashing-out Libs covers at the afterparty) must envy.

You don’t need to be a few years past your sell-by date to put on a bad show though and joining the ‘no’ pile were the portentous,

melancholic Lion Club, and Little Boots – think Emma Bunton doing handbag electro-house.

Worst of all was Charlie XcX who if you read Dazed you’ll know already for being a teenager (cool!),

making her own clothes (no way!) and aeroplane-arming her way around stage to an iPod backbeat.

Phoenix Despite the odd miss, the night ends on a high with V.E.G.A.S

Whores turning Koko into an echo chamber for their waterfall of white heat soundscapes,

reminding everyone that just when festivals like this start to seem like they’re pumping fetishised pulp to sell cider and MTV,

they can throw up something radical and unexpected. Something worth the fifty quid.

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