The compliance challenge faced by the industry in the unprecedented circumstances posed by COVID-19 dominated the narrative of the Sport Betting Digital Summit.


Industry leaders across all levels of the sector’s supply chain spoke of their firm’s first responses to the virus pandemic and its following lockdown across all operating markets.

Bewildered trading teams saw an entire global sports schedule cancelled,

whilst compliance challenge and customer service teams handled en masse player withdrawals as panic engulfed the crisis.

Meanwhile, c-level executives rushed to implement emergency action plans,

ensuring employee safety, payrolls and cash liquidity for an unknown period of time.

“It has been the toughest period of my professional career, as we had no guidance and knowledge on the rapid scale of the virus,”

Shay Segev, Group Chief Operations Officer (COO) of GVC Holdings

Shedding light on leading GVC teams through pandemic concerns,

Segev detailed to Summit audiences how GVC was forced to quickly deploy individual ‘crisis task forces’ across all operational markets to ensure employee and customer safety.

“Its been a tough challenge, as we have closed our large retail presence in the UK, Italy and Belgium.

However, reopening will be the toughest challenge,

as we will face tough procedures on customer social distancing and health and safety equipment to protect our workforce.”