Booming Class II

Ainsworth’s move into Class II was under way well before the Nova acquisition.

“We started looking at Class II companies probably four years ago,” recalls Ryan Comstock, Ainsworth’s vice president of finance and operations.

“Nova Technologies ended up being the one that stuck, and in retrospect, it certainly was the best of the options for Ainsworth, and what our current business model is.

Ainsworth has a very vast library of game content software, and we’re a very financially sound company.

So, from that standpoint, we were able to very quickly port their product and software into the Ainsworth cabinets.”

Since the acquisition, the Ainsworth R&D team has merged the technology of the two companies.

 “Nova had a platform and a cabinet, and was doing great work in Class II,” says Waters, one of the key talents to come from Nova.

“And after acquisition, we focused our energies on a unified hardware platform.

We’ve migrated our entire Class II system to work on the same Class III hardware that’s offered by.

Ainsworth—we’ve added the A600 cabinets, the A640 cabinets and the A600 slant to the product line in Class II, and other server-based gaming.”

Ainsworth’s expansion into Class II is being driven by Witt, who joined.

Ainsworth in 2016 as director of Class II operations.

The new technologies have expanded Witt’s role—he is now director of central-determined gaming operations and business development.

Witt says the Ainsworth hardware—the A640 will debut in a Class II version of the hit Pac-Man game at the National Indian Gaming Association trade show this month—has meshed seamlessly with the Class II technology.

“Our hardware is very robust,” he says. “That’s kind of been our trademark. But now, with our Class II game offerings, everything’s been fantastic.”

Witt also gives credit to the combined team now in place at Ainsworth for the Class II surge. “One of the biggest reasons (for our success) was our product development,” he says.

“Our product roadmap is probably one of the most robust in Class II.

We’ve been able to quickly assimilate the Nova product and the Nova hardware into the Ainsworth hardware offering, so right out of the gate, we moved into all the hardware groups.

Class II game development is centered in the South.

Carolina studio, with help from Las Vegas and Sydney in porting all the strongest Ainsworth titles into Class II.

“From the Ainsworth side, we take the best of the best, working.

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