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Because the basic casino games haven’t changed since the demise of faro (the most popular game of the 19th century),

Snow says any successful proprietary game should be a derivative of what people know.

Game Centric “I’ve always warned people about deviating outside of blackjack and poker,” he says.

Game Centric “I use the metaphor of language, that people know the poker language, they know the blackjack language; don’t make them learn another language.”

“Keep your game simple, but you have to keep it interesting,” he says.

“If simplicity were the only criterion, then Casino War would be our most successful game, where it is not.

Yes, it’s a successful game, but it’s not in the upper echelons with Ultimate Texas Hold ’em and 3-Card Poker, and games like that.” Saucier agrees that games must be simple.

“For every hundred games that we look at, there might be three that might warrant further consideration,”

he says, adding the secret to a successful table game is numbers— the numbers that prove it would be successful in a casino environment.

“When you find that person in a table game operation that has an interest, what you need to do is make a deal with them.

And I would say that the deal to make would be, ‘Give me numbers on how it performs, and you can have this game in your casino for life.’”

“The baccarat commission-free games that have these side bets with the high house edge, I think there’s energy and excitement that comes from those tables.

If you’re in California, for instance, they’re three deep at a bacc table, and there’s just natural curiosity. That leads other players to maybe take a look at what’s going on.

So, it’s been a long process, but baccarat has really transitioned from the traditional game, to what it’s morphed into today, which is with some widely popular variations.”

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