• BOOTH 4000

This includes showing coin-in/coin-out and hold percentages during that gaming day up to that moment.

GS Real Time is polling the floor 24/7 so when opening, the floor is instantly updated and live. Toggle back and forth from historical to real time (same map powers both).

In addition to being an add-on module to GlobalSuite, customers can license Real Time as stand-alone software. But there’s a lot more to this than just getting a view into the players.

You can turn on all the security events such as illegal door openings, monitor potential money laundering and more.

More nuanced data points, such as bill validator status, bill counts or counterfeiting issues, are even more opaque with real-time analysis. GS Real Time Encoding Manager allows users to easily create custom views by selecting from over 250 machine and player events.

Real Time Tickers, player searches and alerts, 3D rendered EGDs and table games (modeled to within a tenth of an inch of the actual size), reports, and much more.

We are just scratching the surface. GlobalSuite updates happen fast with customers receiving monthly updates.

Today, innovative and integrated systems allow casinos to offer online loyalty redemption. Once logged in, players are able to see their status– past and open sports bets, discretionary comps, free buffets, etc.

Instead of offering comped rooms, staff can quote a dynamic rate based on total customer value and the property’s supply/demand dynamics.

The Duetto Rate Engine (DRE) helps hotels and casinos send rate and inventory data from their PMS to their booking engine while also including and analyzing loyalty player card information and redemption status.

Duetto is able to accomplish this without collecting any personal data about casino players, and has parameters in place to prevent what is commonly known as “comp abuse,” or high-valued players either sharing their player number with others or booking multiple nights at a time.

Once a player has met his redemption quota, the system will send back the BAR rate.

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