The idea of seeing colourful flower carpets unravel in

the Namaqua National Park was never alluring enough to make me travel the six hours from Cape Town to go see it.

I could just fl ick through other people’s photos, couldn’t I?

How wrong I was. Switch off and switch on I awoke at 6:50am. No invasive alarm clock, no loud car hooters.

Just the thin fi nger of natural light landing on my lazy eyelids, pulling me from my sleep.

As I opened one eye it dawned on me – I had nowhere to rush off to, no message to respond to, no email to send and nothing to do but exactly what I wanted to. How often can I say that?

 The beauty of the Skilpad bush camp and Groen River beach camp, in the heart of the Namaqua National Park, is that you have no choice but to disconnect from the everyday rush and connect with nature.

Every opening flower that follows the direction of the sun in this paradise is a reminder to pause and take it all in. I love that about this place.

 The drive to the Namaqua National Park is as much of a treasure as the destination.

And then there’s nature – raw, wild and untouched. Being lured out of bed Every morning at 7:30am sharp, tea, coffee and rusks arrive on the table outside the tent.

The aroma of the hot coffee lures guests out of bed just in time for Mother Nature’s little trick… The sun slowly creeps up over the mountains and casts some light onto the awakening landscape. Sunrays land on each flower bud and, without fail, the buds slowly start to uncurl.

As the petals draw heat from the rays, the flowers transform the green and brown canvas from which they sprung into a myriad of colour and life.

Yellows, oranges, whites, reds and combinations of all colours continue to pop open in waves as the sun rises higher.

Get intimate with nature While it’s tempting to spend the remainder of the day lounging in your tent, gawking at flowers, the environment is too beautiful not to explore more intimately.

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