SA pursues peace on global stage

South Africa will use its membership of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

to advance the interests of Africa, particularly the priorities of the African Union (AU) Agenda 2063.

“South Africa remains deeply concerned about the emergence of unilateralism and its attendant threat to the international rulesbased system.

South Africa reaffirms the centrality of the United Nations Charter and the primacy of the UNSC on issues of international peace and security,” he said.

In June, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly elected South Africa to serve in the UNSC for the term 2019−2020 as a non-permanent member.

 This will be the third time that South Africa will

SA pursues peace on global stage be serving in the Security Council since the dawn of democracy in 1994.

 She added that South Africa will also promote the maintenance of international peace and security through advocating

SA pursues peace on global stage for the peaceful settlement of disputes and inclusive dialogue.

In an effort to address high healthcare costs, ensure the smooth running of the healthcare system

and create equality, government has released the Medical Schemes Amendment Bill and the National Health Insurance Bill.

Druing a recent media briefi ng, Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi explained that the Medical Schemes Amendment Bill seeks to amend the Medical Schemes Act, 1998

(Act No. 131 of 1998) to align with the National Health Insurance White Paper and the National Health Insurance Bill.

“The fi rst reason for this amendment is that the implementation of the National HeaIth Insurance (NHI)

is not going to be a once-off event but will take place in a phased-in approach.

While this is happening, the population of medical schemes’ benefi ciaries need immediate relief from serious challenges experienced in the current medical scheme regime.

The nature and magnitude of the challenges are that it will be undesirable for medical scheme benefi ciaries to have to wait for long-term changes,” he said.

Access to healthcare In addition, the amendment is intended to align the medical scheme environment to that which will exist under the NHI so that there is a smooth, harmonious transition that does not disrupt access to healthcare.

“As it is now generally accepted, the cost of private healthcare is out of the reach of many citizens, even the well-to-do ones,” the Minister noted.

Co-payments are when the scheme pays a portion of the bill that a provider (hospital or private doctor) charges a patient.

The load of complaints received from the public by us, the Department of Health,

as well as by the Council for Medical Schemes – the medical schemes regulator – justifies this amendment,” he noted.

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