The magical world of science

Tom Tits Experiment is a great destination for young and old alike to try their hands at cool science and technology experiments.

This fantastic science centre has four fun-filled floors and a giant park with adventures for the whole family to explore.

With around 185,000 visitors per year, Tom Tits Experiment is a place loved by many children, teenagers and adults.

Through experiments with everyday objects and materials, they get the chance to investigate and learn more about technology, physics,

mathematics, geography, biology, the human body, illusions and much more.

Most of the experiments have no signs or explanations; instead visitors need to figure it out for themselves.

“Our vision is to make science and technology accessible to everyone,” says marketing director Marie Karlsen.

“Through our hands-on experiments, visitors can discover how much fun you can have with science.

There’s something here for everyone, which makes it perfect for a family day out.”

Dare to try the Robocoaster?

This is certainly not a dull museum. Tom Tits Experiment has 8,000 square metres For more information,

please visit: distributed over four floors with features such as a soap bubble show for small children,

plenty of tricky experiments to try, and an entire floor dedicated to the human body and senses.

The new exhibition Drivkraft (Driving Force), in partnership with Scania, is intended to bring out a child’s inner engineer with loads of technical challenges.

Experimenta, a game with the chance to win points at each stage and finally bring a machine to life, is also popular.

From May to September, the science centre has another 8,000 square metres to explore in the fabulous park.

It features exciting attractions such as the bicycle ride on a line ten metres up in the air.

The Robocoaster, the world’s third largest industrial robot, takes the brave on a whirlwind ride with its robot arm.

From May next year, the park will also include a section focused on sustainability with new attractions and even an insect hotel.

The team of designers is constantly working on new ideas and improving existing experiments.

Whilst they look at other centres around the world, with its 30 years of experience in building creative and fun displays, The magical world of science

Tom Tits Experiment is often the role model for other countries.

Karlsen talks about the pleasure of seeing how sceptical visitors in particular are impressed with the centre.

“Someone even said that it’s like a magical world, which is proof that science doesn’t have to be boring!”

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