Hair clips fit for the best of times

You will find colourful hair clips in most young girls’ jewellery boxes, so you may wonder what makes NOMA Norge’s so special.

While pictures usually say more than a thousand words, there is plenty to be said about these beautifully carved clips.

Specifically designed for the Norwegian folk costume, the bunad, these hair clips have taken young girls and women alike by storm.

The hair accessory adventure started when Trine Nilsen first entered a hair salon with a pair of scissors in hand.

For the next 30 years she worked as a hair dresser and stylist, before taking the plunge and starting her own company: NOMA Norge.

The adventure has since brought her great success in designing hair clips, hair accessories and, Hair clips fit for most recently, scarves with Edvard Munch prints.

“Having worked with people’s hair for three decades, I knew what worked and what didn’t.

So when starting NOMA Norge, Hair clips fit for I brought this expertise with me in designing hair accessories that both looked great and stayed in the hair until the very end of day,”

says founder and designer Trine Nilsen.

While her collections include a variety of products, from hair bands to scarves,

the items she is the proudest of and that have proven the most sought after are the hair clips for the bunad, the traditional costumes in Norway.

No more 17 May in scrunchies

Just the mention of 17 May to any Norwegian brings to mind traditional costumes, ice cream and Champagne breakfasts.

For those not in the know, this is Norway’s National Day, or Constitution Day, and a day full of children’s parades and street parties.

Most notable for anyone visiting the country on the day are the woollen costumes most women and some men wear.

Called bunad, the outfit is owned by around 80 per cent of all Norwegian women and used for special occasions such as Christenings,

birthdays and confirmations, in addition to 17 May of course.

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