Keeping traditions alive against all odds

Against all odds and trends, Ledaal Teppeveveri is the last carpet weaving company standing.

Still designing and producing its characteristic carpets in Norway, Keeping traditions

it attracts customers on the lookout for a unique rug that will stand the test of time.

As the only remaining carpet weaving company in Norway, Keeping traditions

Ledaal Teppeveveri thrives on a reputation of high quality and flexibility.

Owner and manager Cathrine Hærem is a third-generation weaver and,

together with her husband Steffen Wesnes,

she produces carpets of all sizes and colours for buyers all over the country.

“Our carpets are renowned for their sturdiness and attractive patterns,

and those in the know will recognise our works by just looking at them,” Hærem says.

Like most goods these days, carpets are largely produced far outside Europe.

While the quality may still be good, the long distance and order time halter flexibility.

This alone is what has made Ledaal Teppeveveri survive despite its competitors moving abroad, according to Hærem.

“We have a small company of six people,

which means we can easily adapt and change according to trends and orders,” she says.

“While we have some carpets in stock, many come here to custom-make carpets.

One lady in her nineties recently put in an order on a carpet identical to one she had bought from us in 1954.”

with all children taking an interest in the family business.

So they had clearly moved on over there, but with brilliant threads,

colours and not least her own skills she kicked it all off,” Hærem says.

Ledaal Teppeveveri is located in Stavanger,

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